1.  How do i know what size i am??  Shreddies are one size fits most and or the description should give you a better idea of size range.  For example size XXXS - M or L - XXL.  If you have any questions about a specific shreddie or style dont be afraid to reach out to us.  We are always here to help you. 

    2.  How do i best take care of my shreddie?? Most of our cut up tshirts are machine wash and dry. Like your favorite pair of jeans they will stretch out as you wear them and they should shrink back up in the dryer. If your t shirt is woven you can also hold either end of the braid when it comes out of the dryer and gently pull in either direction to regain length and shape. All of our one of a kind dreamers are handmade with care, the jewelry is meant to last a lifetime, and the shreddies should get better with every wash and wear.

    3.  What should i do if my order doesn't fit me properly?? 
    We do everything we can to ensure our listings adequately describe the items you are purchasing but unfortunately from time to time items purchased may not fit exactly as expected.  You are never stuck with any items that arent going to work perfectly for you.  Review our FULL RETURNS POLICY here regarding returns, alterations, and exchanges and be sure to ask any questions BEFORE ordering. At this time GIFT CERTIFICATES are the only purchases that are NON REFUNDABLE...
    4.  What if i like an item you have listed but i need it in a different size, or color, or with a different graphic???  Most of my items are one of a kind but sometimes i am able to find these shirts again and i LOVE doing special orders so you can always ask and i will do everything i can to accommodate your request.  Start a special order

    5.  Can i send you a shirt to cut up for me???  YES!!  OF COURSE!!! Click here to get started

    6.  How much does it cost???  Custom shreds start at $50 for one shirt.  Volume discount and Wholesale prices are available.  Click here to begin.

    7.  What size shirt do i need to send???  depends on your size and the desired shred you are going for.  Usually a size or two bigger is a great place to start.  As an example micro minis usually need a mens size 2X or bigger.  And thong bodysuits need a mens size 3X or bigger for length.

    8.  Can you make me something special?!?!  YAAAAAAAS!!!  My dear!!!  This is what i do!!!  Its what i LIVE for.  Custom orders are ALWAYS welcome.  Click here to begin.

    9.  How long will it take???  Turnaround time is about two weeks but sometimes less depending on the complexity of your order and how many orders are ahead of you in queue!!  Contact us to get a better idea of the current turnaround time and to get started on your order ASAP!

    10.  What if i need my order by a certain date??  message us here as soon as you can with the date you need your order by and we will do everything we can to make sure you have your package in time for your event.