Saucy Black Sideless Leggings

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Ever sit in a bar or go to a concert and catch an undeniably sexy girl wearing an absolutely unforgettable outfit who looks like she just didnt have to try so hard??? Thats the inspiration behind my shredded leggings.... HAND shredded one of a kind leggings wearable pieces of art... High waistline can be folded over for low waisted fit sliced and diced down the sides super thin, pajama soft, cotton spandex jersey irresistably sweet vintage ROCKSTAR appeal Reworked from a BRAND NEW Leggings Available ladies size XXXS - M made to build character with time... the more you wash, wear, and stretch them out the better they will look and feel... machine wash and dry is ok... SHAKIN WHAT YO MOMMA GAVE YA CANT HURT! ;D ONE OF A KIND... BRAND NEW... From My Hands To YOURS!!! #festivalfashion #reworked #giftsforher #yogapants #bohostyle